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Out-of-Stock Policy

Product Terms

If you place an order for one or more Products from this Website and any of said Products is out-of-stock or otherwise unavailable, xxx will, as a courtesy, attempt to contact User once, either via phone, with any phone number provided by User, or via e-mail, with any e-mail address provided by User, to notify User of the unavailability of such Product(s) and to allow User to change the order. If we are unable to speak directly with User via phone or if we do not receive a response to our e-mail, we will remove the out-of-stock products from your order and ship the remaining Products. xxxxx is not responsible for any delays in shipment for Products that are out-of-stock at the time the order is placed. User may request changes that User would like to make to User’s order by calling xxxxx at xxxx or by sending an e-mail toxxxxx. xxx will make reasonable efforts to change the order in line with User’s request, but does not guaranty that said changes will be made.

Many Products on the Website are available in various colors (e.g. necklaces, bracelets, glow sticks, etc.). If User places an order for an assortment of colors for a certain product, xxxxxxxx may, at its sole discretion, ship said assortment either: 1) in the form of multiple packages (that is, User may receive single packets of colors for said product, which User can mix to make an assortment), or 2) within one package containing multiple / assorted colors for said product.

The images on the Website may not accurately reflect the exact size, color, or style of the specific product that they represent. The actual product may or may not glow/light/illuminate to the degree that it appears to in our images. 

Cxxxx retains the exclusive right to refuse or cancel any orders for any reason it deems. In the event that Cool Glow has elected to refuse or cancel an order, Cxxx will notify User of its election, and if User has already been charged for the purchase, Cool Glow will immediately issue a credit to User in the amount of the charge.

Back Order Policy

If any Products are not in stock and User orders any such Products, User may request that xxxplace User’s ordered Products on back-order until xxxx receives a new shipment. Arrival of new shipments for Products typically ranges from thirty (30) to ninety (90) days, but may arrive earlier than thirty days or take longer than ninety. User shall hold Cool Glow harmless for any delays in shipment concerning back-ordered Products. Any prospective delivery dates provided by xxxx are merely estimates. If User would like an update as to the status of the delivery or the order processing with regard to the back-ordered Products, or if User would like to update or cancel User’s order for back-ordered Products, User may call Cxxxx to seek such update or make such update or cancellation. 

xxx representatives will, as a courtesy, attempt to contact, either via phone with any phone number provided by User or via e-mail with any e-mail address provided by User, any User with Products on back-order once within ten (10) days of the new shipment’s arrival to notify User of said arrival of the Products. If we are unable to speak directly with User via phone or if we do not receive a response to our e-mail within six (6) hours of sending, we will charge User’s credit card, process the order and ship the back-ordered Products. Any User with Products on back-order should contact xxxxx if said User would like to remove the order from the back-order log. 

User shall hold xxxxxx harmless for any damages or injury caused by declined credit card charges with regard to back-ordered Products. If User’s credit card is declined, User will be contacted, and User shall remain responsible payment and must provide xxxxxx with an alternative form of payment.